Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Here, we’ll review the top 10 Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs on the market today. We’ll provide an overview of what is good and not-so-good about each case, and we’ve provided a range of economic and excellent Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs. In case, if you are in hurry this is the Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs on Amazon

We spent 39 hours to find a best option for you and it is a Alzo 27W Full Spectrum, which comes with all amazing features you ever want. It is the Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Full Spectrum Light Bulbs, then you should go with Cowboystudio Full Spectrum Light which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Full Spectrum Light Bulbs.

To help you in your search, we have sorted this list of the Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs.

10 Best Full Spectrum Light Bulbs In

1 1 Alzo 27W Full Spectrum

  • 7.8

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2 2 Cowboystudio Full Spectrum Light

  • 7.0

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3 3 Sansi 24W Led Plant

  • 9.4

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4 4 Miracle Led Absolute Daylight

  • 8.6

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5 5 2 Pack Bluex 75W

  • 8.8

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6 6 Sylvania 24683 F40Dsgn5040 Watt

  • 7.6

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7 7 Miracle Led Boost Morning

  • 8.6

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8 8 Norbsmile Advanced Full Spectrum

  • 8.2

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9 9 3 Pack Led Indoor

  • 8.2

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10 10 Bluemax 70 Watt Full

  • 9.2

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1. Alzo 27W Full Spectrum

Case of 4 full spectrum 27 watt light bulbs that imitate daylight, are energy saving, and have a long life of circa 10,000 hours with 1300 lumens output, 120V; low energy consumption, good for starting plant growth.

  • Crisp, bright white light ideal for reading and tasks that require visual accuracy; CFL bulb has natural daylight balanced color temperature of 5500K; pack of 4
  • THIS IS A LARGE BULB THAT MIGHT NOT FIT STANDARD HOUSEHOLD LAMPS, see diagram above; 9 inch ALZO lamp harp will fit this bulb; bulb fits all medium base E27/26 socket; Dimensions: Length: 6.5 inches; Width (Diameter): 2.5 inches; Width (diameter) of base: 1 inch.
  • Good for starting plant growth
  • Generates very little heat, and all ALZO Joyous light bulbs are flicker-free; energy saving, uses about 1/4 of the energy of a comparable Tungsten bulb, and has about 10,000 hours bulb life
  • Important: ALZO CFL bulb life is based on the bulb in an open air fixture with sufficient ventilation; when ALZO bulbs are installed in fixtures that lack adequate ventilation, the life of the bulb will be greatly reduced.
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    2. Cowboystudio Full Spectrum Light

    *Wattage: 45 watts, *Designed for our continuous video lighting, *Approximate incandescent equivalent: 200 watts, *Light output: 2,650 LM, *Length: 7.

  • Four (4) Daylight 45 W fluorescent light bulbs
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    3. Sansi 24W Led Plant

  • No lampshades needed. — Compared with other grow lights with wider beam divergence which need lampshades, SANSI LED Grow lights produce a directional light that is aimed at the plants to avoid light loss.
  • Easy to Install — Operates like a light bulb with a standard E26 socket with no special lamp-base necessary. Recommended coverage area up to about 4.20 sq. ft. mounted 18”-24” above the plants with varying lighting schedules dependent on the plant(s) being grown.
  • Full Spectrum — Each Sansi LED chip has an evenly distributed spectrum between 400-780nm. Instead of having multiple LED chips with individual colors (white, blue, red, far red), each LED chip has a mix of each color giving off a whitish glow.
  • Ceramic LEDs vs. Aluminum LEDs — Compared with other grow lights (all competitors use aluminum LEDs), ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum because it is non-conducive. This allows our LED chips to be mounted directly to ceramic; making each chip free of fans, housing, adhesive, and PC boards. Ceramic modules have fewer parts than conventional LEDs, and therefore conduct less heat and generate more savings.
  • What You Get — 5-year unlimited warranty; 30 days no question asked return policy; High quality product; 24/7 friendly customer support.
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    4. Miracle Led Absolute Daylight

    The Miracle LED absolute daylight spectrum grow lite is a technological leap ahead for the indoor garden.

  • Ideal for plants and vegetables
  • Promotes flowering & fruiting
  • 9W LED replacing 100W flood
  • Instant on-no startup delay
  • Virtually no heat signature, runs for $1. 08 per year
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    5. 2 Pack Bluex 75W

    Light is one of the most important factors when growing plants indoors to allow for healthy growth.

  • ENERGY-SAVING BULB. Enjoy natural warm lighting without the high electric bills. This low, 120V 9-wattage bulb (100-watt equivalent) uses less energy and endures longer, making it the perfect replacement to an incandescent light, Easy to install with an E26 base, Average Life of 15,000 Hours.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE. Each grow light bulb emits a 1600 Micromoles, Red and Blue ends of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum are used by plants in photosynthesis , Chlorophyll A & B are the primary pigments for the photosynthesis in plants with obsorption peaks at approximately 448nm and 630nm .light to provide spectrum wavelengths and color for photosynthetic response in plants.
  • PLANT GROWTH. Perfect for indoor gardens and suitable for damp locations, these LED A19 bulbs deliver a 150-degree light output. As such, they can be used for growing vegetables and fruits, floriculture, Flowers, vertical farms and propagation.
  • SAFE ALTERNATIVE. There’s no need to worry if a bulb breaks or about having to recycle it. Unlike fluorescent bulbs and CFL Bulbs, these LED lights do not contain mercury and won’t release any hazardous gases
  • VERSATILE USE. In addition to using them in a greenhouse, these chemical-free bulbs are perfect for many indoor environments. Use them to grow herbs in the kitchen, fruits and vegetables in the basement, or flowers in living spaces with minimal sunlight.
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    6. Sylvania 24683 F40Dsgn5040 Watt

    40 watt 48″ T12 Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base Designer 5,000K Rapid Start Fluorescent Sylvania Light Bulb.

  • Color Temperature: 5,000K
  • Average Lifetime: 20000 hours
  • Lumens (light output): 2200
  • CRI: 90
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    7. Miracle Led Boost Morning

    Miracle LED is proud to introduce nature’s vibe, the next generation of home LED lighting technology.

  • Safe, Natural way to Wake Up and get you moving in the morning
  • Uniquely designed to capture the color of Sun at its highest and brightest between 1pm-2pm
  • Gives off a bright shade of light shown to be the most conducive to getting a positive, energized jumpstart on the day
  • E26 Base fits in any standard fixture in your home. Save money replacing traditional bulbs
  • Mix & Match to create your own unique lighting experience!
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    8. Norbsmile Advanced Full Spectrum

  • FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT BULB – Boost your mood, energy, and productivity with our bright, daylight LED light bulbs that are built to mimic sunshine. US Based. “The Authentic and Original” Norb Wellness Lighting Product.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND LED TECHNOLOGY – Our bulbs use a unique, patented LED chip to imitate sunlight (without the harmful UV rays) and offers a very high CRI of 96, which means colors appear natural and clear.
  • FIGHT FATIGUE & SAD – Suffer from the Winter Blues? Seasonal Affective Disorder? Depression? Help combat all of these with NorbSMILE’s sunlike, natural light therapy spectrum.
  • FOR EVERYDAY USE – Standard A19 LED bulb fits most household fixtures. For best results, use this bulb in the office, kitchen, hallway, lobby, and anywhere you work or live during daytime hours.
  • MORE ENERGY SAVINGS – 11 LED watts are comparable to a 100W incandescent bulb. Use less energy with our bulbs and save on your electric bill!
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    9. 3 Pack Led Indoor

    Specification Material: Plastic & Aluminium Rated Power: 9 Watts Input Voltage: 110V Red Light Wavelength: 630 nm Blue Light Wavelength: 460 nm Lifetime: 20000 hours Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant: 2-4.

  • ☀ Full Specturm:Full spectrum Light , use 400-740nm wavelength perfect for all growing stages plants. For indoor plant receive a more uniform light than single red or blue spectrum light, Make your planst grow faster and healthier.
  • ☀ High Performance & Energy Saving: LED A19 Bulbs deliver 150-degree light output.Used High Lumen Led Chips replace to 100w traditional light bulb, and power consumption, energy saving over 85%.
  • ☀ Longer Lifespan: Use Plastic & Aluminium material to build the cooling system. Support the light working for longer time. Even work after 24 hours then keep working, no harm to your plants without any issue. Make a suitable temperature to your plants. Avergage Life of 20000 Hours.
  • ☀ Easy to Install: E26 Base fits all standard E26 sockets. no necessary to find other fixture to fit this bulb. Easy install to E26 socket.
  • ☀ Wide Application :Perfect for work in greenhous and many indoor environments. Or for kitchen grow herbs, fruits and vegetables, can use them to growth faster and healther. or flowers which suitable growth for indoor.
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    10. Bluemax 70 Watt Full

    Full Spectrum FML 70 watt, High Definition Full Spectrum Light Bulb, 96 CRI – Color Rendering Index.

  • Replacement for Full Spectrum Solutions, BL7096595T
  • High Definition Full Spectrum 5500K, 96 CRI
  • Replacement for BlueMax BL Model lamps (model # on bottom of lamp begins BL70…)
  • This bulb is NOT compatible with UL model Full Spectrum Lamps. Please ensure that you have the BL 70 watt model before purchasing this bulb.
  • FML 70 watt 4 pin square
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